Mission We aim to create a society in which imaging technology can bring light to every patient’s future and enable them to face the challenges of their treatment with peace of mind.

1.We can see how well each individual leukemia cell responds to each drug.

Leukemia cells are carefully extracted from the bone marrow fluid we receive from your hospital, and each one is introduced to the "opto-diagnostics" developed at Hokkaido University, Japan. The therapeutic drug is then added to the cells and photographed. When a drug is effective, the cells appear blue, and when a drug is ineffective, the cells appear yellow. In other words, if cells appear blue when a drug is added, that is the drug that will work for you.

2.We can diagnose whether a drug will be effective before it is administered. (We can also determine efficacy during treatment)

You can take this test at any time, either before or after you start taking medication.
If you have questions such as “Will the medication I am about to take work for me?”, or “What about the medicine I am taking now?”, please consult with us.

3.In the future, this technology may help us understand whether to stop medication.

If the test shows that all the cells appear blue when a certain drug is added, it means that the leukemia cells are killed by the drug. In other words, there is a possibility that the patient can stop taking medication soon. This is a subject for future research.